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ClearSight 1 Day Toric 30 pk
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ClearSight 1 Day Toric 30 pk
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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
$6.95 / 1 Pack
ClearSight™ 1 Day Toric contact lenses are manufactured from Ocufilcon D, a 55 percent water content polymer equipped with a UV blocker for additional protection. The lenses are comfortable and provide astigmatic lens wearers with high-quality vision and the convenience of a daily disposable contact lens. ClearSight™  1 Day Toric lenses are indicated for daily wear vision correction. The lenses should be discarded at the end of the day and a fresh lens used the next time that you plan to wear your contact lenses. Be sure to follow your prescribing eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
 Lens Type:  Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
 Package Content:  30 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
 Water Content:  52% H2O
 Material:  48% Polymer (ocufilcon B)
 Manufacturer:  CooperVision, NY. USA
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ClearSight 1 Day Toric 30 pk Reviews
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Written By: Eric

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Traveling & lenses
Traveling on business with astigmatism used to be a juggling act. Sometimes I used to forget my solutions and/or case and other times I used to forget a spare pair and by some luck I would tear or lose one while away. Now I keep an extra strip of lenses in my briefcase and never have to worry for a second. I almost retired my glasses but I figured that I should keep them with me just in case. But really folks this is a great lens and the vision that I get when wearing it is impeccable.
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Written By: Ian

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My first contact lens
This is my first contact lens. I don’t know how other brands fit but I am so happy that I am wearing this one because I have better vision with these lenses as compared to my glasses and they are infinitely more practical than what I had to wear in the form of glasses. What a relief!! Everyone was telling me that I wouldn’t see as well and that I wouldn’t find them comfortable. Well, here I am writing this note in the early evening and I can hardly feel my lenses.
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Written By: Jack

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What a name
Whoever came up with this lens’s brand name really knew how it was going to perform on eyes because I really see things crystal clear with my lenses even though they are toric lenses. Lens fitting has definitely changed for people with astigmatism. Instead of having to roam town for “the” toric lens specialist to make sure that I can wear the proper lenses now my optometrist smiles when I ask him about my torics because it has become an easier fit for some reason. Good for all of us astigmatic contact lens wearers.
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Written By: Taylor

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Toric disposables - really
Who would have thought that I would be wearing a toric daily disposable? It just goes to show how much contact lens wear has changed. This lens is very good and it frees me up from solutions at home and especially when I travel. My vision is excellent and the lenses are consistently comfortable. I recommend this lens.
Contact Lens King, Inc., Contact Lenses, Las Vegas, NV
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