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FreshLook Colorblends
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FreshLook Colorblends
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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
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FreshLook® ColorBlends contact lenses use a special three-in-one color technology to create subtle, natural depths. This allows you to change your eye color while maintaining a natural look. FreshLook color contact lenses make it easy to change, enhance and illuminate eye color with or without vision correction. 

FreshLook® ColorBlends are available for people with either light or dark-colored eyes. FreshLook colored contact lenses contain 55 percent water and are designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night). Then simply discard and replace with fresh lenses. Be sure to follow your prescribing eye care provider’s recommended replacement schedule.
 Lens Type:  1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
 Package Content:  6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline containing 0.005% Poloxamer.
 Water Content:  55% H2O
 Material:  45% polymer (phemfilcon)
 Manufacturer:  Ciba Vision, GA. USA
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FreshLook Colorblends Reviews
16 out of 24 people found this review useful:
Written By: Autumn

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True colors
I tried a few true colored lenses in the past but their color wasn’t very natural. It was obvious that I was wearing something fake. With Colorblends the color that shows over my natural eye color is very natural looking and creates a great final result. It’s a dream for all of us blue eyed people who wanted brown eyes. Vision is also great.
13 out of 20 people found this review useful:
Written By: Sinda

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Curious look
So many people told me that colored lenses can’t be as comfortable as my regular lenses. They were all wrong. Colorblends is a very comfortable lens that I can wear all day long while looking different whenever I feel like it. Friends keep looking at me with a curious look. Only I know what they are wondering about. I highly recommend that you try these lenses and have fun.
16 out of 22 people found this review useful:
Written By: Claris

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Simple choice
Changing eye color is made simple with Colorblends. I asked my optician what colors were offered by the company and I selected three that I really liked. He let me try samples of each and I loved all three of them. I know it was an impulse buy but I bought lenses in the three colors so that I can change color whenever I wanted to. Why not? After a while I forget that they are contact lenses and I think of them as my makeup.
16 out of 22 people found this review useful:
Written By: Dania

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Crazy friends
I have wanted to change the color of my eyes for so long but I was embarrassed to ask my optometrist. This year I just asked. He said why not. You put on different make up why not change your eye color. The lenses are of high quality and they will give you great vision at the same time as a change in eye color. My friends went crazy. They didn’t realize that I had changed my eye color. Some thought that I had cut my hair, others that I had lost weight but none figured out my eye color. Not only did I look great but my vision was just as good.
Contact Lens King, Inc., Contact Lenses, Las Vegas, NV
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