Vertex Toric XR
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Vertex Toric XR

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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
 |  $6.95 / 1 pack

Lens Type : Monthly disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 55% H2O
Material : 45% polymer (methafilcon A)
Manufacturer : CooperVision
Vertex Toric XR
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Vertex® Toric XR contact lenses provide wearers who need a correction for a high degree of astigmatism with a clear and crisp vision experience that is coupled with great comfort and the convenience of disposable lenses. The lenses are marketed as monthly daily wear lens, which means you must remove them each night and replace them with new lenses on a monthly basis. Always follow your prescribing eye care provider’s recommendation on your replacement schedule.
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Overall rating
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  • Over the top
    Written By:  Adam
    Vertex Toric XR
    What an option to replace my Boston lenses! This new Vertex XR is over the top. It’s comfortable and stable in the vision it provides me. Sure the Boston lenses were also excellent and long-lasting but they were not as comfortable as these. Plus I like the fact that I can put on fresh lenses on a regular basis. The lenses are much more expensive than the Boston lenses but convenience costs money.
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  • No more sighs
    Written By:  Bailey
    Vertex Toric XR
    That sigh I used to hear every time I showed a contact lens fitter or optometrist is no longer. I guess things have changed in the toric lens world. As a customer I definitely feel the difference. Everything around the toric lens experience has become standard, even the ordering. The only thing that still remains special is how long it takes for them to deliver the lenses. But that’s OK because they are special powers and I understand that. It is more important for me to have a lens that I can see with in comfort.
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  • Toric specialist
    Written By:  Carlos
    Vertex Toric XR
    Someone had recommended a specialist in toric lenses but it took me so long to get an appointment that I just took a risk and went to a small optometric office close to my home. The technician checked my prescription and then told me that contacts would be easy to fit and that the Vertex XR was the lens for me. She was right on because the minute I put on my trial lenses I saw clearly and I didn’t feel the edges like I used to with my old lenses. Now my contacts are just like everyone’s – disposables with regular changes for fresh lenses every month.
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  • Problem prescription
    Written By:  Stephanie
    Vertex Toric XR
    With a prescription that has a high astigmatism I used to be stuck with very expensive non-disposable lens options or very difficult to obtain disposable lenses with weeks and weeks of delay for delivery. So I often wore my glasses just because contacts were such hassle. Now that I’ve been introduced to the Vertex toric XR my problem is solved. The only thing that I have to be careful doing is to always plan on about a month’s delay for delivery. Other than that I am very satisfied with the lenses and I see really well.
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