O2 Optix
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O2 Optix

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Lens Type : 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 38% H2O
Material : 67% Polymer (lotrafilcon B)
Manufacturer : Alcon
O2 Optix
Manufacturer: Alcon
O2 Optix® contact lenses, manufactured by Alcon and offered in a 6 pack, transmit up to five times more oxygen than traditional soft contact lenses. They are made from a new silicone hydrogel material, considered by many to be the most significant advancement since soft contact lenses were introduced more than 30 years ago. The lenses are so breathable you can sleep in them for up to six nights of extended wear. With the increased oxygen flow to the eyes, O2 Optix® wearers eyes tend to be healthier and the lenses are more comfortable. The lenses have a slight tint, making them easier to locate in solution, but will not change eye color. O2 Optix® are designed to be worn as a two week daily wear lens or for up to seven days of continuous wear. Then simply discard and replace with fresh lenses. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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  • What is in a material
    Written By:  Herbert
    O2 Optix
    What is in a material? Well I was told that O2 Optix was a great advance in contact lenses. It was better for my eyes because it breathed much more than my old lenses. The truth is that my eyes felt great all day and was able to do everything that I wanted while wearing them. They did kind of need to be changed for a fresh pair around the 10-14 day mark because they would start to feel a little dry. I am told that that is normal. Other than that I like them.
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  • You said what?
    Written By:  Leon
    O2 Optix
    When my optician fitted me with O2 Optix and told me that I can sleep with them for just a few nights at a time my mother just couldn’t believe it. She wanted to make sure that she heard it right. Well the optician was right. I have had no problem with the lenses since I began wearing them. Sometimes they feel a little dryer when I first wake up but I simply use rewetting drops to help bring them right back to their usual comfort.
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  • Out with the old
    Written By:  Sofia
    O2 Optix
    Sometimes advances in science come by surprise. Just when you wish that you can find contacts that you can sleep with your doctor tells you that he has the lens to do that with. After wearing O2 Optix for a couple of years I found it superb. Unfortunately the manufacturer will have me change to what they believe to be a material upgrade. I will have to switch and try it.
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  • First experience
    Written By:  Andree
    O2 Optix
    O2 Optix was my first contact lens. They were also my first experience sleeping with my lenses. My optometrist said that I could. What a great convenience that turned out to be ! Unfortunately they are discontinued and I have to switch to another brand. The manufacturer is recommending Air Optix Aqua. I will have to try them to see if I like them.
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