Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
My Account
How do I create a new account?
How can I review my profile?
How do I change my password?
When does Contact Lens King charge my credit card?
Are purchases made at Contact Lens King reimbursable with my insurance company?
Are purchases made at Contact Lens King eligible for FSA?
International / Foreign Orders
Can I place orders at Contact Lens King if I am located outside of the United States?
How will Contact Lens King process my order if I have an international prescription and eye doctor but am shipping to the United States?
Order Related Information
Where do I find the parameters that I need to order my contact lenses if I don't have a copy of my prescription?
I have a copy of my prescription but I don't know what information to use in order to place my order.
I am trying to find my brand of contact lenses, but cannot find it on the website. Does that mean that Contact Lens King doesn't sell my brand?
I started to input order information on the site but I got distracted. When I came back to the site a few days later there was no record of the information that I input. Why is that?
How do I cancel an order?
Can I view previous orders for re-ordering purposes?
Can I order contacts for one eye only?
What is Auto-refill?
Is my spectacle prescription the same as my contact lens prescription?
Do I need a prescription to wear colored lenses?
Do I have to pay the eye doctor to obtain my contact lens prescription?
Does Contact Lens King require my prescription to place an order?
Can my eye care practitioner refuse to give me my contact lens prescription?
Do replacement contact lenses require a prescription?
How long is my contact lens prescription valid for?
Will Contact Lens King have to verify my prescription if I am a repeat customer?
How can I speed up the shipping of my order?
Why should I buy a year's supply?
What is Unilateral Price Policy ?
What is a processing fee?
How long will it take before I receive my order?
How will Contact Lens King ship my order to an international address?
What are your shipping policies?
How can I return a product that I received?

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