PureVision 2 for Presbyopia
6  lenses per box    FSA eligible   HSA eligible
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PureVision 2 for Presbyopia

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Lens Type : Monthly disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 36% H2O
Material : 64% polymer (balafilcon A)
Manufacturer : Bausch & Lomb
PureVision 2 for Presbyopia
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Purevision® 2 Multifocal contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb and offered in a 6 pack, are second generation lenses in the Purevision® brand family. These lenses, manufactured of silicone hydrogel lens material, deliver high oxygen transmissibility to the eye tissues therefore guaranteeing excellent ocular health during lens wear. Purevision® 2 Multifocal features High Definition™ Optics that provides the wearer with a clear, crisp vision quality even in low light conditions. As the thinnest lenses on the market, the Purevision® 2 Multifocal lenses do not compromise on handling. Even in low lens powers the lenses are very easy to handle especially for the novice contact lens wearer. The packaging of these lens has also changed. These new lenses are blister packaged using the Comfort Moist™ Technology, a packaging solution that incorporates poloaximine – a moisturizing surfactant (lens surface detergent or cleaner). Using this kind of packaging technology contributes to increased lens comfort on insertion. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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