Biomedics 55 Premier
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Biomedics 55 Premier

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Lens Type : 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 55% H2O
Material : 45% Polymer (ocufilcon)
Manufacturer : CooperVision
Biomedics 55 Premier
Manufacturer: CooperVision

Biomedics® 55 Premier contact lenses, manufactured by CooperVision® in a 6 pack format, have an aspheric lens design. This design allows the lens t provide wearers with clear, crisp vision and optimum comfort. The lenses are made to be worn as a 1-2 week daily wear, meaning that the lenses are taken out each night and replaced on a one to two week basis. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.

For your reference, this lens is often packaged as: Aqualens, Aquatech, Clinasoft, Diagnostics, Hydroflex, Hydrovue, Optiflex, Optiform, P Label Disp., Polysoft, Procon, Proflex, Prosite, Sofmed, Softech, Softique, Softmed, Softview, Ultraflex, Veraflex Eyemed, Versaflex and Versaflex Eyemed.

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Overall rating
Based on  4  reviews

  • Don't resist change
    Written By:  Clay
    Biomedics 55 Premier
    Oddly enough I was resisting changing lenses from Acuvue to Biomedics 55 Premier. Apparently I was wearing one of the most famous brands. The problem was that I just didn’t enjoy wearing the Acuvue lenses. They just didn’t fit as comfortably as I had wanted. Another point is that my vision with the Acuvue is nowhere near the Biomedics when comparing them at night time. So I am glad to have changed.
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  • Great lenses
    Written By:  Jun
    Biomedics 55 Premier
    Great lenses. The vision is excellent and their comfort is wonderful. What more can I ask for? Most of my friends are complaining about their lenses but not me. I was looking for lenses that would be stable even in my air conditioned office. With Biomedics 55 Premier I get stability in my vision and total comfort.
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  • My favorite
    Written By:  Bonasse
    Biomedics 55 Premier
    The Biomedics 55 Premier contacts are my favorite lenses. They are so easy to handle and once in my eye I just don’t feel them. I wear them as two week lenses so I never get to the point where I feel them dryer because of deposits. My old lenses needed constant cleaning or they would only last for 10 days for some reason. After that I would feel them too much in my eyes.
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  • After two years
    Written By:  Agathe
    Biomedics 55 Premier
    I have been wearing my lenses for almost 2 years. The Soflens contact lenses that I had before these were good but not consistently. Sometimes they were excellent and then other times when they were simply so dry that I couldn’t take them out easily. Now with the Biomedics lenses I feel comfort every day – all day and I only feel them dryer if I do a lot of work on the computer screen.
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