Avaira Toric
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Avaira Toric

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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
 |  $6.95 / 1 pack

Lens Type : 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 46% H2O
Material : 54% Polymer (enfilcon A)
Manufacturer : CooperVision
Avaira Toric
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Avaira® Toric contact lenses, manufactured by CooperVision and offered in a 6 pack format, are made from a unique silicone hydrogel material that binds water within the lens material itself. Avaira® Toric is manufactured using CooperVision’s Aquaform™ technology, which keeps the lens moist all day and provides optimum comfort for the wearer without the need for additive surface treatments. Avaira® Toric lens is 30 percent softer than any other comparable two-week silicone hydrogel and is also quite resistant to dehydration and surface deposits. Avaira® Toric is designed to be worn as a two-week disposable (you still must take the lenses out each night). Discard and replace with fresh lenses after two weeks. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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Overall rating
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  • Immediately fantastic
    Written By:  Kava
    Avaira Toric
    This is a wonderful contact lens. From the moment that my optometrist fit the sample pair my vision was excellent. The experience was absolutely easy, much better than my friends had told me. I could see just as clearly with my contacts as with my glasses. Surely that is an excellent sign for a patient with astigmatism.
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  • Toric lenses - new for me
    Written By:  Elodie
    Avaira Toric
    I have never worn toric lenses before. My optician used to work some magic to keep me in a simple type of lens but this year I just couldn’t accept the compromised vision any more. So I asked for a solution and he suggested Avaira toric because of the comfort that lens material provides. Apparently it was designed to hold water much more than previous lenses. So if the lens doesn’t dehydrate as easily it will be comfortable for longer. Well I am pleased to report that my vision is crystal clear and the lenses comfortable to the point that I don’t even know that they are in.
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  • Similar design
    Written By:  Sonia
    Avaira Toric
    It looks like the design of the Avaira Toric is very similar to the design of the Frequency toric because the vision is similar with both. My optometrist told me that the Avaira material is very different than the older materials from that manufacturer and that is why they feel more comfortable and wet for more wearing time. That is great for me. As long as I can see well I am happy.
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  • Try again
    Written By:  Bella
    Avaira Toric
    Before wearing the Avaira toric lenses I used to wear Soflens toric for 4 years. This is a much more comfortable lens and it feels less dry after a few hours of wear. The vision is probably the same quality in both cases but if I can wear my lenses without feeling them all day, I am happy. If I need to blink I have no worries about the lenses getting displaced. Avaira stays in place even after me rubbing my eyes.
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