Frequency 55 Aspheric
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Frequency 55 Aspheric

Important Message
Please note Frequency 55 Aspheric brand has been discontinued by CooperVision Inc., the manufacturer of this product. Since it is not possible for us to replenish our inventory with this productcertain lens powers may not be available for order processing. Please check the availability of your power online or by phone with our customer service representatives.

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Lens Type : Monthly disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content : 55% H2O
Material : 45% Polymer (methafilcon A)
Manufacturer : CooperVision
Frequency 55 Aspheric
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Frequency® 55 Aspheric contact lenses, manufactured by CooperVision and offered in this 6 pack format, offer wearers precise, crisp vision and superior comfort. The lenses are designed to be worn as monthly daily wear lenses, which means you take the lenses out each night and replace them with new lenses on a monthly basis. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
There are no manufacturer rebates available for this product at this time.


Overall rating
Based on  4  reviews

  • Aspheric is better
    Written By:  Louise
    Frequency 55 Aspheric
    The optometrist explained why the aspheric design was better for the quality of my vision. Frequency aspheric is indeed a better performer for me than my ex Soflens 38 lenses that I wore for 3 years. Frequency is more comfortable and easy to handle. Wearing my Frequency lenses is just wonderful and I would encourage all to use this lens. It is a winner. It even corrects my small amount of astigmatism. Apparently that is another side benefit of this lens. So why spend money on a specialty lens when this lens may help?
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  • Demanding vision
    Written By:  Claire
    Frequency 55 Aspheric
    Frequency 55 aspheric was the second contact lens that I wore. Before the aspheric version I wore the regular Frequency 55. They both were excellent lenses to wear but I do seem to get a crisper vision with the aspheric version. That is what I need because I am very demanding for my vision. Once that was taken care of I focused on comfort and that was impeccable. I use the peroxide solution system to care for these lenses and it works great.
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  • Absolute success
    Written By:  Brad
    Frequency 55 Aspheric
    This lens has been an absolute success with me and apparently with the optometrist who prescribed it 4 years ago. Yes there are other products available on the market but I felt comfortable when I first tried these and I have no reason to change. My eyes feel nicely hydrated all day and the lenses feel excellent well into the night. I don’t wear it to sleep nor should I. It wasn’t designed for that kind of wearing schedule.
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  • Lens of choice
    Written By:  Christian
    Frequency 55 Aspheric
    My Frequency 55 lenses have been my lens of choice for close to 10 years and they have been just right for me. The vision I get with these lenses is excellent. They are comfortable, easy to wear and to maintain during the month that I wear them before replacing them. I even wear them right into the night and feel like the vision remains excellent even with little light.
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