FreshLook One-Day Color
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FreshLook One-Day Color

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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
 |  $6.95 / 1 pack

Lens Type : Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
Water Content : 69% H2O
Manufacturer : Alcon
FreshLook One-Day Color
Manufacturer: Alcon
FreshLook® One-Day Color contact lenses, manufactured by Alcon and offered in a 10 pack format, are made of Nelfilcon A, a 69 percent water content polymer. The color design uses a special three-in-one color technology to create subtle, natural depths. This allows you to change your eye color from a dark color to a light one or vice versa, all while maintaining a natural look. FreshLook® One-Day Color contact lenses make it easy for you to change, enhance and highlight eye color with or without vision correction. FreshLook® One-Day Color lenses are designed to be worn as daily disposable lenses. The lenses should be discarded at the end of the day and fresh lenses used the next time that you plan to wear your colored contact lenses. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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Overall rating
Based on  4  reviews

  • Look Different
    Written By:  Haley
    FreshLook One-Day Color
    Freshlook Colors have gone from a vial to a six pack and now to daily wear. I have loved them all along the way and continue to use them whenever I want to look differently. It all depends on my mood. In any case, whatever the mood and the feel of the day, the fact that they are daily disposables makes it all that much easier. I use them all day and then discard them when I remove them for the evening. Color or not this lens is a good lens that can be worn comfortably all day. Keep a couple of colors with you just in case you want to change your look before you go out on the town.
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  • Change to your life
    Written By:  Lauren
    FreshLook One-Day Color
    With four of the top color options to pick from you can bring lots of change to your life. I did. Paring outfits with eye color is easy to do. You did it for years with your makeup. Do it now with lenses. Most importantly the lenses happen to be very comfortable and provide excellent vision. Then at the end of the day – throw them away and wear new lenses the next day, maybe a different color also.
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  • Who will notice
    Written By:  Elizabeth
    FreshLook One-Day Color
    How many people really notice you? Try Freshlook colors and see for yourself. The reactions will be extreme. Some people will not notice at all while others will look at you and wonder what is different. They may never figure it. So have fun and try the lens, maybe even in different colors so that you may switch every couple of days.
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  • It depends on my mood
    Written By:  Destiny
    FreshLook One-Day Color
    Just as I like to put on makeup I also want to change the color of my eyes depending on my mood. Why accept our natural eye color when there is a contact lens that can let you be someone you dreamt of being. Blue eyes always intrigued me because they are so piercing. So with the Freshlook lenses I decide on the color I want to wear, enjoy them for the day then throw them out. No lens case or solutions to look for. The next day, on with a fresh lens and maybe a different color.
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