FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
6  lenses per box    FSA eligible   HSA eligible
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FreshLook Colors 6 Pack

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Lens Type : 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline containing 0.005% Poloxamer.
Water Content : 55% H2O
Material : 45% polymer (phemfilcon)
Manufacturer : Alcon
FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
Manufacturer: Alcon
FreshLook® Colors contact lenses, manufactured by Alcon and offered in a 6 pack format, are manufactured from Phemfilcon A, a 55 percent water content polymer and create natural, dramatic eye color changes to dark eyes.. FreshLook® Colors contact lenses make it easy to change, enhance and highlight eye color with or without vision correction. FreshLook® Colors contact lenses are designed to be worn as two-week daily wear lens, which means you remove the lenses each night and replace them with fresh lenses the next time you wear your lenses. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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Overall rating
Based on  4  reviews

  • What's different
    Written By:  Karen
    FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
    Keeping everyone wondering is my game with these lenses. On day my friends see me one way and the other in another way. They can’t really tell what is different, only that I just look different. I am going to keep them wondering. It isn’t about lenses anymore it’s about the story that the lenses create. The vision is almost secondary at this point. Have fun with your Freshlook Colors.
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  • Looking good
    Written By:  christina
    FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
    Why wear regular clear lenses when you can accent your eyes while correcting your vision? My optometrist didn’t think that I needed the colored lenses but when I insisted to try some colors on he too realized that I looked good in at least two colors. So I bought both of them and I interchange colors depending on my mood. The vision is the same, so that stays the same. Only the eye color is different.
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  • Keep them wondering
    Written By:  Amy
    FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
    These really are very comfortable lenses and I can see well with them. Of course the thing to do is to buy several colors so that I can keep people wondering while having fun with contacts. These Freshlook lenses are just as important to me as my makeup. I have to decide on what I am wearing before I decide on my lens color. My favorite is Emerald Green. When I wear them on my brown eyes I end up with a fabulous color that has people mesmerized.
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  • Mood colors
    Written By:  Angela
    FreshLook Colors 6 Pack
    What a wonderful thing to have at your disposal. Contact lenses that let me change my eye color depending on my mood. It is a dream come true. My dark eyes can now become green, blue or even violet like Liz Taylor. I can see really well and change my personality by wearing different colors depending on my mood or attire. This is a great way to put a sparkle in one’s day-to-day life.
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    Yes • 8 |  No • 5

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