Focus Night & Day
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Focus Night & Day

Important Message
Ciba Vision® the manufacturer of the Focus® Night & Day has re-branded this product as the Air Optix® Night and Day® Aqua. Orders received for Focus® Night and Day® will be shipped as Air Optix® Night and Day® Aqua.

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Lens Type : Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content : 6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution containing 1% Copolymer 845.
Water Content : 24% H2O
Material : 76% Polymer (lotrafilcon A)
Manufacturer : Alcon
Focus Night & Day
Manufacturer: Alcon
Air Optix™ Night and Day™ Aqua contact lenses, manufactured by Alcon® in this 6 pack format, are safe and FDA-approved for wear 24 hours a day for up to 30 days. The combination of oxygen, moisture and a smooth lens surface creates a contact lens that is breathable, maintains good levels of hydration, and is resistant to lens deposits. Alcon® claims that Air Optix™ Night and Day™ Aqua lenses allow the most oxygen through the lens of any available soft contact lens. The continuous transmission of oxygen to the eye provides wearers with optimum health and comfort. Air Optix™ Night and Day™ Aqua lenses are designed to be worn as a monthly daily wear lens or for up to 30 days of continuous wear, which means you take the lenses out each night or even sleep in them for up to 30 nights. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommended replacement schedule.
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  • Safe for sleeping
    Written By:  Adam
    Focus Night & Day
    It is fantastic that lens materials have evolved so much as to allow us to wear lenses for days on end without removal. My eye doctor approved it and I think it’s wonderful to know that it is safe to do that if I had to. Hunting, fishing, camping are all great to do with contacts because I don’t have to be worried about infections while handling the lenses at night. Good vision, excellent comfort and healthy eyes – characteristics of an excellent lens material.
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  • Forget my lenses for a month
    Written By:  Brady
    Focus Night & Day
    Lenses being worn continuously for up to 30 days were quite an innovation in the contact lens world. I know because I was hoping that such a lens can come to the market to solve the inconvenience that I live with in dragging my solutions and case around while traveling for work. Now I can wear my lenses and forget them for a month. My optometrist approved that wearing schedule and said that my eyes seemed very healthy with the lenses on for that period of time. Actually I don’t even feel the lenses at all and wouldn’t think of changing them except for my reminder alarm on my phone.
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  • Weekends optional
    Written By:  Oscar
    Focus Night & Day
    Focus night & day is a superb lens that I trust on my eyes for days at a time without removal. This is the schedule that it was approved for and the one that my optometrist agreed to. I don’t go to the full 30 days but I keep them on for as long as I find it practical. Weekends are optional for me. In my case I like to use a few drops of saline every morning just to make sure to wash my eyes and refresh the lens. It feels great doing that. Waking up seeing clearly is awesome and I guess that is the lure with this product.
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  • Sleeping with contacts
    Written By:  Alexa
    Focus Night & Day
    I guess the fact that the focus night & day is now another brand name is a good thing. Usually companies drop brands altogether. If they renamed this one it must be because the lens has value. I know that it certainly has value for me because I have lived happily with it for years. Sleeping with a contact lens used to be a thing to avoid but this lens is approved for 30 days of continuous wear. It is so very convenient. Comfort and eye safety with good vision for 30 days is unbeatable.
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