O2 Optix

O2 Optix™ brand of contact lenses are manufactured by Alcon®, the world’s largest eye care company and the company that took operational control and then absorbed CibaVision®’s contact lens business under the ultimate direction of their common parent company.
O2 Optix™ lenses are manufactured using a silicone hydrogel material known for its comfort and high oxygen permeability. During the manufacturing process Alcon® applies their proprietary TriComfort ™ technology to the lenses resulting in a permanent plasma surface that resists dry spotting, the most common precursor to the development of surface deposits known to render lenses uncomfortable. O2 Optix™ lenses are known to be comfortable from the time of insertion right through until they are removed at the end-of-day.
The materials provided in this web site are for informational purposes only. Contact Lens King is a contact lens replacement service company selling contact lenses directly to the consumer. We recommend that you have your eyes examined regularly and that you carefully follow the lens care instructions dispensed by your eye doctor. It is important to verify that the contact lens prescription you reference when placing your order is a valid one. If, for any reason whatsoever, you experience any discomfort during the wear of your contact lenses discontinue use immediately and contact your eye doctor.

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