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Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 Pack
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Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 Pack
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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
$6.95 / 1 Pack
Dailies® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses introduce a triple action moisture system to wearers. Included in this system is a proven cushioning lubricant that provides instant comfort at the start of the day, and a hydrophilic (water-loving) wetting agent that works to provide moisture throughout the day when combined with the blink-activated moisturizing agent that guarantees end-of-day comfort. This lens was designed for wear as a daily disposable, which means you take your lenses out each night and replace them with fresh lenses each morning. Be sure to follow your prescribing eye care provider’s recommended replacement schedule. This lens is tinted for ease of handling, but will not change the color of your eye. The tint is simply designed to facilitate locating the lens in solution.
 Lens Type:  Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
 Package Content:  30 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution 
 containing PEG and HPMC.
 Water Content:  69% H2O
 Material:  31% Polymer (nelfilcon A)
 Manufacturer:  Ciba Vision, GA. USA
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Dailies AquaComfort Plus 30 Pack Reviews
2 out of 4 people found this review useful:
Written By: Alana

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All one could ask of contact lenses is that they provide good vision, that they be comfortable and keep my eyes healthy. These lenses do all of that and more. It is almost unbelievable how comfortable they feel right up to the time I remove them at the end of the day. I am always tempted to keep them for another day because they just feel so good but I don’t. According to my eye doctor the secret to a successful contact lens experience is clean, fresh lenses every day.
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Written By: Valerie

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Special coating
It’s simple – if I constantly feel my lenses I won’t wear them. That is what I told my eye doctor. He assured me that these lenses were coated with special ingredients that almost guaranteed total comfort all day. He was right and I am a regular wearer of these lenses. I also make sure to put on new lenses every day as recommended.
0 out of 2 people found this review useful:
Written By: Hope

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More wearable lenses
My optometrist told me about the changes that were being made in lenses. I understood that much of the effort was in making lenses more wearable for longer hours. They were to be discarded at the end of a day’s wear so whatever they added to the lenses it just had to last for the day. Well it works with this lens. I can wear the lenses while working late at the office and I just forget about them completely. So obviously my vision is good and the lenses remain at their optimal state until they are removed.
0 out of 1 people found this review useful:
Written By: Claire

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Incredible work
The manufacturer really put in an incredible effort at making these lenses comfortable. I can wear them for extended hours and yet they are comfortable until I remove them. Whatever they have done to these lenses makes any of their predecessor lenses that I have worn outdated and, in retrospect, less comfortable especially in dry conditions. I love these lenses and recommend them.
Contact Lens King, Inc., Contact Lenses, Las Vegas, NV
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