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PureVision 2
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PureVision 2
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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
$6.95 / 1 Pack
Purevision® 2 is a second generation lens in the Purevision® spherical lens family of products. This lens manufactured of silicone hydrogel lens material delivers high oxygen transmissibility to the eye tissues guaranteeing excellent ocular health during lens wear. Purevision® 2 features High Definition™ Optics that provides the wearer with a clear, crisp vision quality even in low light conditions. As the thinnest lens on the market, the Purevision® 2 lens does not compromise on handling. Even in low lens powers the lens is very easy to handle especially for the novice contact lens wearer. Packing of this lens has also changed as compared to its predecessor. This new lens is blister packaged using the Comfort Moist™ Technology, a packaging solution that incorporates poloaximine – a moisturizing surfactant (lens surface detergent or cleaner). Using this kind of packaging technology contributes to increased lens comfort on insertion.
 Lens Type:  Monthly disposable soft contact lenses.
 Package Content:  6 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
 Water Content:  36% H2O
 Material:  64% polymer (balafilcon A)
 Manufacturer:  Bausch & Lomb, NY. USA
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PureVision 2 Reviews
10 out of 14 people found this review useful:
Written By: Liam

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This is the first time I use contacts lens. I had Air Optix Aqua as recommended from my eye care professional for my first trial. It was very uncomfortable for me, I was able to feel the edge of my contacts in my eyes every time I blinked and it was a bit blurry. So I did a lot of researches on the internet about contacts and finally decided that B&L Purevision2 will be my second trial despite it's certainly not the most popular contacts, and I'm glad I did. My first experience with PV2 was that it's so so much thinner compare to Air Optix Aqua(though very easy to handle and take care of if that's what you worry about), it's made of silicone hydro-gel(if you do your research carefully, you'll see that lots contacts are made of standard hydro-gel not silicone hydro-gel, I want to take advantage of the latest technology). I've been wearing PV2 for almost a month now, and my experience with PV2 so far is great! I hardly notice that I'm using contacts, very very comfortable I must say. It also provides exceptional visual quality, crisp and clear; no halos, glare or anything. I found out while I was surfing that B&L currently offers $20-50 rebate when you buy PV2 and $30 contacts fitting fee rebate so if you're not happy with your current contacts now is the perfect time to switch. Good luck!
4 out of 6 people found this review useful:
Written By: Berge

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Bausch & Lomb
Bausch & Lomb is my favorite brand. I started wearing lenses made by this company and I am always interested to try their new products. That is why I accepted to switch to the Purevision 2 HD lens as prescribed by my optician. Once again Bausch & Lomb did well. I am very comfortable wearing my lenses and my vision is as good as I have ever had it.
2 out of 8 people found this review useful:
Written By: Marie

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Newer is better
The first contacts that I tried were Purevision. This was the predecessor to the current Purevision 2HD. I loved my first lenses because they were easy to wear and comfortable for the entire day. Then came the second generation at a time when I had a change of prescription. It was an ideal time to try something new. The experience has been great. The 2HD lens fits the same as my other lens except for the fact that my vision seems brighter even in the early evening hours.
3 out of 10 people found this review useful:
Written By: Heidi

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Boyfriend was right
My boyfriend has been wearing the lenses for almost a year and he had told me that I should switch to them as well since our prescriptions are very similar. I am glad that I tried the lenses because they are as good as he claimed. From the minute that I put them on in the morning until I remove them late in the day I simply see well without any inconvenience whatsoever.
3 out of 8 people found this review useful:
Written By: Clarence

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Better lenses
I have been wearing the Purevision 2 HD lenses for almost three weeks now. Their performance has been excellent and I am very comfortable with them unlike other lenses that I have tried over time. The optometrist said that I would notice that I had crisp vision even in low light conditions and he was right.
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