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Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack
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Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack
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Solus Multi-Purpose Solution (355ml)
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Biotrue™ ONEday is a unique product recently introduced by Bausch & Lomb™. It is manufactured from an innovative and unique bio-inspired material called HyperGel™ that combines the best features of classical hyrogel and silicone hydrogel lens materials. Biotrue™ ONEday lenses are designed to provide high definition optics for crisp clear vision even in low light conditions. The Biotrue™ ONEday lens material’s water content is almost identical to that of the eye’s cornea thereby providing the wearer with great comfort. The special status attained by this lens material as it relates to hydration is that it can achieve high oxygenation to the cornea without the addition of silicone to the lens matrix. One of the aspects of the bio-inspired philosophy that was used to create this Biotrue™ ONEday lens is the fact that the outer surface of the lens is designed to mimic a critical dehydration prevention component of one’s natural tears. This would result in a comfortable, well hydrated, moisture retaining experience, throughout the day and, as a benefit, consistent optics all day.
Lens Type: Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
Package Content: 90 soft contact lenses in sterile buffered saline solution.
Water Content: 78% H2O
Material: 22% Polymer - Nesofilcon A
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb, NY. USA
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Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack Reviews
6 out of 6 people found this review useful:
Written By: Nathan

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Try it
Many of my friends wear contacts but I am the first amongst them to try the Biotrue. They had never heard of it. The only way I did is because I just couldn’t wear my Purevision lenses any more. I did for many years but now I find that they become dry and uncomfortable after one week’s wear when I work very long hours. With Biotrue I find that they are comfortable for as long as I decide to keep them before changing them for a new pair. That suits me fine and I am happy to have discovered Biotrue.
6 out of 6 people found this review useful:
Written By: Kline

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An innovation
Bausch & Lomb is a famous name in contact lenses. When they say that their product is an innovation I have to believe it and try it for myself. So I did. I tried sample lenses at my optician’s office and discovered that they really were different. They were invisible when it came to feeling them in my eye. I was seeing very clearly but feeling nothing. That was just great and I had to change. I walked out with the sample lenses and came back to buy more a week later.
6 out of 6 people found this review useful:
Written By: Angel

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Must be good
The name says it all as my optician remarked. I am told that this contact lens is as close biologically to our eye tissues as you will get. That is why it is so comfortable for so long. When you mix the fact that the vision is sharp and the comfort excellent you have no choice but to switch to it. Biotrue is the first switch that my optometrist is pushing in years. It must be good.
4 out of 7 people found this review useful:
Written By: Will

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Preferred lenses
Biotrue contacts have become my optometrist’s preferred lenses. Apparently he likes the material they are made of because it has a lot of the natural features of our eyes. I had been wearing Purevision for some time but I graduated to the Biotrue because of what I was hearing. He wasn’t wrong in his choice. The lens is much more comfortable than the Purevision and it doesn’t get scratchy at the end of the day. I changed because it makes sense to change when you go towards better product.
Contact Lens King, Inc., Contact Lenses, Las Vegas, NV
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